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Family Law

The attorneys at Perl & Goodsnyder, Ltd. bring over 50 years of combined courtroom experience to each case their family law clients present to them.

Their success in diverse types of cases, ranging from international asset recovery and professional malpractice, to jury trials against the government in federal court, affords Perl & Goodsnyder, Ltd.'s clients with a high caliber of lawyering uncommon in a family law practice.

The experience garnered from years in the courtroom has prepared the attorneys of Perl & Goodsnyder, Ltd. to conduct thorough pre-trial investigations of custody, financial and fault-based issues that frequently arise in family law cases.

Additionally, the firm's attorneys are highly skilled in legal research, writing, cross-examining lay and expert witnesses, and persuasively conducting evidentiary hearings and trials: skills which help bring about the best outcomes for their family law clients.

Excellent compliments to their litigation and trial advocacy skills are the firm's attorneys' skills and experience as negotiators. Members of the firm seek to obtain the best possible outcomes for their clients through direct negotiations with opposing counsel, out-of-court alternative dispute resolution, or with the aid of the courts through judicially supervised pre-trial settlement conferences. The firm's attorneys do not miss the opportunity to work collaboratively with their opposing counsel, in order to resolve a dispute amicably and without costly litigation.

Through each aspect of their representation, the attorneys at Perl & Goodsnyder, Ltd. unwaveringly place their client's global best interest at the forefront of their representation. With these considerations in mind, the firm's attorneys take a "value oriented" approach to family law litigation that focuses on maximizing the benefits to be returned for their client's expenditures in the case. Taking such a business-like approach to litigation helps to insure clients receive truly optimal outcomes.

Clients who entrust their family law matters to the boutique law firm of Perl and Goodsnyder, Ltd. recognize the decisive advantages of being represented by attorneys who truly place their best interests as their central consideration.

Perl and Goodsnyder, Ltd. invites you to contact them to make an appointment for an initial consultation to discuss your family law matter.

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